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Product Care And Maintenance

Winter Care


All Garden Ornaments require ongoing preservation and care.




Urns, birdbaths, and fountains should be completely emptied of soil and water before the winter arrives. The objects should be  covered  to prevent the build-up of damaging snow / frost and water. Portable components, such as the tops of birdbaths, can be removed altogether and stored indoors.


Terra Cotta


Our Tuscan terra cotta are frost resistant, as they are made of the Tuscan Calestro clay and are frost resistant to -22 F below. They should be set on feet on off the ground, so no frost is below the planter. In extreme temperatures we would recommend moving the planters inside or totally covering them including your plant, as no water should remain in the planter. 


The classic beauty of these English terra cotta garden planter is combined with an engineered synthetic fiber and cement, and therefore make it ideal for all-weather use. Planters can remain outside while planted throughout the winter. These intricate planters have been molded and hand finished in the traditional manner it has been since the Bygone era. Drainage holes included


Aged Terra Cotta Maintenance


1. Once planted, simply watering your plant will turn the dominant moss into a lush green surface on your pot.
2. When not planted, adoid exposing your mossed pot to prolonged direct sunlight.
3. In cold climates, our 100 % natural terra-cotta pots should be brought indoors with the first heavy frost.


General Cleaning


Kindly contact us and we will let you know regarding the maintenance and conservation of the object. As our objects mostly have an aged / antique patina, we suggest that unwanted mold or moss should be just brushed off of the limestone stone and marble surfaces carefully.


General Maintenance and Care for Lead Fountains


Do not clean the fountain with soap or any chemical product as lead can react with chemicals. Please do not use any descaler or chlorine to keep the water clean. The lead surface should only be cleaned with cloth and water


Empty the fountain before the begin of Winter. The fountain needs to be emptied before outdoor temperature reaches 32 degrees (F).  Empty the fountain. When no more water is running switch off and clean the pump. Ideally the fountain should be covered so no water can enter.