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After a stroll through the summer of the Mediterranean heat, a gazebo covered in vines will offer the long seeked shade


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Authentic Provence offers a fine selection of antique  Italian garden ornaments and gazebos from the 16th through the 20th century. These antiques have been sculptured in natural limestone and in Italian marble.

Our selection of enchanting Italian stone gazebos is a charming solution for the classical Italian garden. The upper band of these structures have been richly carved by hand in limestone.  The gazebo is accessorized by a very ornate wrought iron dome which makes it unique.
Custom option services will allow you to either have us search for the perfect object for you or to create and customize a unique garden ornament. 


Authentic Provence collaborates strictly with the most renowned stone sculptors and carvers in France and Italy who are responsible for the beautiful restoration and preservation work they have provided on many European historical sites and landmarks.

We can either search for an antique garden gazebo or customize the perfect and unique piece to your specification.